How to make Hungry Caterpillar juice – Yum!

girl with juice moustache

In preparation for spring, we’ve  re-established the hummingbird feeder and are watching the bulbs we planted start to bloom. The girls are enjoying being outside and watching the garden change. One of our favourite books about growing is Eric Carle’s ‘TheTiny Seed’ and the children are always looking for the seeds in flowers and fruit.  Eric Carle’s best loved book  ‘The Hungry Caterpillar,’ celebrated its 40th birthday  recently, so we’ve been enjoying  Hungry Caterpillar inspired activities .

As a change from the usual baking, we decided to make a juice. In a bid to be more healthy we recently invested in a juicer. I’ve been amazed at how good vegetable juices taste and start every day with a mean green but the kids are more difficult to please.  They love creating recipes however, even if they don’t like them all.

As an experiment I thought we would try and create a Hungry Caterpillar juice containing the fruits the caterpillar ate from Monday to Friday in their exact quantities.


This makes just over a full jug so I would recommend using a small apple and small oranges such as mandarins.

We recited the pages of the book as we placed each fruit in turn into the juicer. It needed a quick stir and it was ready to serve , you could add  ice if you wish.

Hungry Caterpillar Juice

I wasn’t sure the combinations would work but the children loved it and I have to agree it is simply delicious.  The frothy moustache is an added extra.


Written by Janis P.

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