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Iron Man 3 – Review and trailer

As a ten-year-old boy masquerading as a grown man, I’m in a good position to tell you why Iron Man 3 is the perfect summer blockbuster for the whole family to enjoy.

Our favourite billionaire-inventor-super hero, Tony Stark, is back again and reeling from his time fighting aliens with the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, with Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce teaming up as a terrifying bad-guy double act.

As we rejoin Stark in the techno-fitted bunker of his Malibu home, he seems lost. Unable to sleep, he has been spending hour after hour tinkering with his toys, improving his suits and shooting the breeze with trusty sidekick Jarvis. The peace is broken when his personal life gets shattered, throwing him into a harrowing quest to find those responsible, making the super hero ask himself: does the man make the suit, or the suit make the man?

Robert Downey Jr. returns on top form. Mums love him for his boyish bad boy vibe and because he’s good with his hands, while Dads wish they could have a pint and a day in the garage with him. But what about my inner-ten-year-old? Well, he just wants a go in that Iron suit!

Iron Man 3 - Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark with his new suit  in the background

After two hours in the cinema, the film will leave Father’s waxing lyrical about their superiority with a soldering iron, and their Son’s asking, “Daddy, why can’t you make me a suit like Iron Man?”

Beside the mind-blowing action, great sound track and impressive special effects, Iron Man 3 is also beautifully well written. Humour has always had its place in the trilogy, but the third instalment ramps it up, with British writer Drew Pearce teaming up with Academy-Award winning director Shane Black (Avengers Assemble) to write the screenplay.

There’s a joke hiding around every corner. However, it isn’t brash or bullish, but instead written and delivered with poise and timing, making this film more of an action-comedy than simply another cinematic-evolution of the much loved Marvel Comic.

First impressions leave me thinking that Iron Man 3 is quite brilliant. It would be the perfect opportunity to send the boys off to the flicks for an afternoon, giving you Mums a little ‘me’ time. But better yet, go as a family and indulge in a couple of hours of perfectly choreographed action, and a couple of laughs too.

Iron Man 3 is in UK cinemas from 26 April 2013. 



Tom Cleeland

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Like a modern day Peter Pan (sans tights), Tom spends much of his time fighting the pressure to grow up. The rest of his time is split between writing, running and trying to find new and adventurous ways to amuse himself in and around London. You can find him tweeting from @tommyjames and sharing his misadventures at Written by Tommyjames.


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  1. Spot on review – great Flick. The first Iron Man was excellent, the second was all crash bang and no wallop and this one in a world “post-Whedon’s amazing Avengers” really hits the spot. RDJnr again is superb as always. great threeequel – loved it!

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