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Education by Stealth: Top Tablets for Kids

Nowadays, it seems like kids are learning to use tablets before they’re even learning how to walk. If you’re tired of sticky strawberry jam fingers smudging your precious iPad – not to mention the heart stopping moment it falls to the floor – it might be time to consider buying your child one of their own.

Before you dismiss the idea on grounds of technology taking over the world, we’re not recommending a tablet as a pacifier or a babysitting tactic – but rather, on the basis that they can be extremely educational and a brilliant aid to learning and development!

Of course, you won’t want to spend over the odds on something for a little one, so here’s our pick of the best, most affordable and educational tablets for kids!

Nabi 2

If your child is particularly young (or accident prone) the Nabi 2 could the perfect choice. With its ‘drop safe’ outer shell you won’t have to worry about knocks and tumbles like with most other computers. One of the best features of the Nabi is Spinlets+, which is basically like a kid-friendly version of iTunes – handy for mums and dads who are a little tired of Dora the Explorer taking over their entertainment collection!

Kindle Fire HD

Although not a kid’s tablet per se, the Kindle Fire from Amazon is designed with little ones in mind. If you search the web you can find discounts and free delivery offers on a range of tablets such as the Kindle Fire. With its brilliant ‘FreeTime’ feature – which creates a child friendly environment with the click of a button – it’s perfect for communal family use. You can even go as far as set up an entirely different user account for your child, allowing you total control over the way it is used. With Kindle’s excellent emphasis on reading, this could be fantastic encouragement for young book worms.

Binatone Kidz Star Tablet

As well as being one of the easiest to use, the Binatone Kidz Tablet is also one of the most budget-friendly; it’s now available with up to 50% off at Argos. Thanks to its clever touchpen we think it’s a good option for parents who want to encourage more than just play, it allows kids to practice drawing and writing as well as the standard reading activities.

Leapfrog LeapPad 2

The previous version of LeapPad was great, but this second version seems to be even better. With features like its dual camera, video recorder and even more in-built apps than before, it’s a fantastic all-round tablet. As well as being the most visually appealing, parents are bound to appreciate the inbuilt ‘Learning Path’, a tool to help them track their kid’s progress every step of the way.

With technology becoming a common fixture in every household, it’s pointless trying to stop your kids getting involved – instead, why not try adding a little learning into the mix and making it a fun and educational way of spending time together?

Written by Janis P.


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