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How to Give Your Kids a Magical Mystery Break

For children the best holiday is one that’s exciting, and the best way to make sure your family holiday is fun is to make it a surprise! You could take advantage of one of the many fantastic last minute city breaks to get a holiday that is unexpected and see where luck takes you, or book a trip to somewhere with activities they’ve never tried before or sights they’ve never seen. The more enthusiastic the kids are about your holiday the more fun they will have, and so the more fun everyone will have.

A mystery holiday destination should have a few things going for it to be family friendly. You should try and make sure there are activities for the kids that they are going to want to do and that some of the available things to do are weatherproof just in case it is too rainy (or hot,  depending where you are!). Plan a variety of things so that you can decide what to do on the day without having to think on the spot. If you have three or four fun options, you can ask everyone in the morning what they want to do today, and avoid wasting time arranging it all. Try and focus on unusual things to do that will be memorable and make a great story to tell when you get home, and if they are last-minute they are likely to be more exciting so keep your plans flexible and your eyes open for opportunities. More and more families are looking for something to do on holiday that’s more interesting than sunbathing so there are quite a few websites providing offbeat suggestions wherever you are going. Do some online research to make the most of your time.

When you’re preparing for your vacation, keep the kids guessing. Maybe you could tell them to pack two different cases, one for snow and one for sun, and only tell them where you’re going at the last moment. Leave them daily clues hinting at what you’re going to do that they can try and deduce what’s in store for them, or provide them with a treasure map so they can dig up something that gives away your destination,. This will help to ramp up the excitement and make the most of your time off together!

Make sure there are plenty of exciting activities on offer nearby so you don’t have to travel too far and find out where the best places to eat and drink as a family are before you set off. This is especially important if you are vegetarian or any of you have dietary requirements such as intolerance or allergies. Most importantly remember to smile and have fun!


This post was written in collaboration with Travelzoo

Written by Janis P.

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