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Tips for a Child Friendly Road Trip in the USA

The USA offers a road trip experience that’s unique to anywhere else. With vast stretches of open road across city, desert, woodland and mountains, a USA road trip is at the top of many people’s bucket list. Lots of people think that once they’ve had kids the dream of cruising from coast to coast in a convertible is just a distant memory but road trips with kids can be just as fun as long as you remember these top tips for a child friendly road trip.

Hire a car

Make sure you hire the right car for the trip. With long road trips across the US practically definitely beats style, especially with children. If your kids are slightly older, let them have a say in what car you hire to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone. To save hassle at the airport, many USA car hire services will provide car seats and booster seats for a small additional fee.

Stop frequently

An hour in the car can feel like a day for small children. The USA is a big place with lots of long stretches of straight road so whether it’s at a hotel or just at the side of the road, make sure you stop frequently for children to have some fresh air and a run around. The change of scenery will keep them relaxed and comfortable, creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Toys and games

Keep your road trip child friendly by playing car games such as eye spy and seeing who can spot objects or animals first. If you’re concentrating on not getting lost, invest in a portable DVD player for the kids with headphones so they can entertain themselves without you getting pestered. Many travel games are also specially designed to stick to the back of seats so stock up on these games for longer parts of the journey.

Snacks and drinks

Travelling for long periods of time can leave you and your children exhausted. Make sure you keep hydrated by stocking up on bottled water rather than drink in cups or cans to avoid spillages. Having plenty of snacks in the car will save money and time on stopping at shops and restaurants. If your children are younger, make sure you choose snacks and drinks they can open so they can help themselves without having to distract you.

This post was written in collaboration with Carhiremarket.

Written by Janis P.

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