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Win Family Tickets for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester [prize draw ended]

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester - LEGO R2D2

This summer, three lucky families will win tickets to explore and enjoy LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester. For your chance to win, we want you think creatively… if you had the biggest stack of LEGO ever, and didn’t have to worry about which bits had been up your brother’s nose (or was that just me…), what would you build?

How to enter

To enter this competition, write your answer in the comments section below before 11 pm on Wednesday 31st July 2013. If you’d like to include an image, just add it to our Facebook page (

Our judges will choose the three most creative, cute, heart-warming or funny answers as the winners.


  • Competition closes 31 July 2013 at 11 p.m.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Offer is not-transferable and no cash equivalent will be given.
  • Prize includes: Entry to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester for each winner and their immediate family (normally 2 adults and 2 children).
  • Three (3) winners will be selected from all of the entries received by the closing date. Selection will be made by Really Kid Friendly judges, and our decision is final.
  • We will aim to contact the winners within 48 hours of the competition closing date.


Written by Janis P.


    • Oh you would LOVE it. I’ll just warn you before you get started on your Taj Mahal LEGO model… it boasts some of the most intricate ‘parchin kari’ (like pictures made of inlaid stones) I’ve ever seen. So it might take you a while 🙂

  1. i would build a model of daddy as my little boys miss him so much when he is at work, this way they could still play with him when ever they wanted to

  2. I’d build a giant model of the Empire State Building then climb it dressed as a gorilla. For added effect I’d get the kids to chuck paper airplanes at me.

  3. To celebrate this wonderful weather we have been having I would build the biggest swimming pool you have ever seen and fill it with real water, had lego slides and lego water toys such as floats, rings,water pistels etc. Around the pool I would had real sand with sand toys that are made out of Lego such as buckets, spades, mouldes etc. On the sand we would need sun loungers made out of Lego, lots of Lego palm trees and an Lego ice cream van that sold real ice cream in Lego cones and a cute little Lego man selling the ice creams.

    • OMG that sounds amazing.
      Obviously my first thought was whether I could convince the LEGO ice cream van man to sell me a dark chocolate affogato (scoop of chocolate gelato in a shot of piping hot espresso. Divine.).

  4. We would build a granny flat, so that nanny could be down the bottom of the garden for cwtches ( welsh for cuddles) every morning and every night. Mammy would like some more Lego so that we could build a garden extension first though!!

  5. I would build a big LEGO campsite. We all love camping so much… but I think our children would love it even more if we could camp in a tent made from Lego – I’m just not sure how much of our tent would be left once the children have “rearranged” it though – it could get a bit chilly! 😉

  6. I would build an adventure playground for my boys complete with a waterslide at the bottom.

  7. My seven year old says that he would build the five members of One Direction for his big sister. He would pay special attention to Niall Horan’s lips, to account for the wear and tear they would face and he thinks Harry’s hair may take some time to get exactly right.
    He’d build a stage so that every night could be a Wembley Arena night – with his sister singing along with her idols.
    Oh Gawd help me!

  8. I would build a real life sized theme park. You can go on a merry-go-round, my little sister would like this, and loopy roller coasters, I would like this.
    And I would build a chocolate shop for my mum

  9. I would build a Lego zoo so the children can pet the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) with no fear 🙂

  10. We would build a lego town complete with park, swimming pool, town hall, football stadium and hopefully that would keep me and my two children occupied for the next 5 weeks!

  11. My own theme park as I would love to run one and I would base it on legendary movies!

  12. Definitely got to be the Olympic stadium and park so the legacy lives on for all of us, complete with Bolt & Mo Farah lol

  13. We would like to rebuild the Olympic stadium and the village so that we could relive the magic of last year! My sons could use the track ( ages 2/5).

    I would be sitting in the stadium cheering them on!

  14. My son & I would love to build our own treasure island complete with a mystic lagoon, gold-toothed pirates, palm-tree huts and golden beaches.
    Everyone would live a-la-Swiss Family Robinson…and if Lego figures could sing it would be perfect!

  15. A football stadium. Then if the away fans rip up the seats easy to repair. Need to build an extension easy. Change of grass no problem.

  16. In my garden I would build a huge tree with a tree house and a ladder for my kids to chill out in and invite their friends round without disturbing dad on night shift.

  17. I’d build my dream house, with enough rooms for my children to use for whatever they like. “Can I have a cinema”, “of course you can!”

  18. I would build Legoland Paradise where everyone could enjoy with their legoland characters.

  19. If pieces were no object, i’d build my sons a working model of a fire engine, big enough to sit in and pedal about, with working sirens, flashing lights and working squirty hose!

  20. I asked my son age 5 what he would build and he said ;
    ‘Mummy, id like a lego splash park as its so hot outside, but not a big bucket that tips water on me because that’s scary’
    I then asked my 3 year old girl who said ‘I don’t know mummy you choose’

  21. My son wants to build a model of his school so that he does not have to walk very far when it is raining.

  22. Our 2 year old wants to build a model sweet shop (with real sweets of course) “Sweets” and “choc-choc” are his two favourite words.

  23. I would build either a replica of tamworth castle or my 7 year old son would like a replica of the hawthorns where west brom play

  24. A stairway to heaven so my kids could see their grandparents again. They miss them so much.

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