Weird things kids do when they’re just being kids

Well, here I am again, slithering along the hallway carpet towards my daughter’s room. It’s hard going, and there is a serious risk of electric shock (never good for someone with hair as curly as mine), but sneakily watching my kids playing together is well worth it. In fact, it’s what I most look forward to every day.

In case you aren’t as stealthy as me, I’ll share what I’ve learned about how siblings play together when they’re free to just be completely and utterly weird without any neurotic mums (that’s me) telling them what to do.

There appear to be 5 golden rules:

Rule # 1

Always ensure all of the food in the house is lined up in order of size. Raisins are permitted throughout the ranks for the purposes of punctuation.

children lining up all the food


Rule # 2

No chair is too small to share if you need to pop some bubble wrap together.

children popping bubble wrap together

Rule # 3

Always pretend to make lunch out of your younger brother. Here Elliot is about to be made into a burrito.

Child being rolled into a burrito

Rule # 4

Sitting in a chair to read is just plain dull.

children reading under the table

Rule # 5

Big sisters are made to be snuggled.

Bedtime snuggle

So, how about you? Please tell me I’m not the only one who looks forward to peering through a doorway in hopes of catching her kids putting dinosaurs to bed. Leave a comment or pop a picture on Facebook!

Next month in my “Happy Days” series, we’re going to find out why it is important to always wear dress-up clothes whenever possible, why collecting locks of hair is super fun, and we’ll join the kids with strangely reworded versions of your favourite songs. Get in touch on Facebook or below and I will add your best ‘everyday happy moments’ to my post.

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Written by Janis P.

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