Overdressed? Never.

Remember those days before kids when costumes were only for fancy dress parties? I used to walk through the park on my way to work, shaking my head at the mums who let their kids play football in full Spiderman costume. Our first friend to have kids didn’t even bat an eye when her little girl came down the stairs wearing stripy tights, a polka-dot top, about eight thousand necklaces and a tiara.

Now that I have kids of my own, I get it… and boy is it superb. I mean, why wear 2 clips in your hair when you could wear ALL of them? And if you had the choice between making sandwiches in your normal clothes or dressed as an elephant, what would you choose? It’s incredibly liberating and makes the kids feel so happy and confident that they can choose the very best outfit to make every moment at home that little bit more special.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite costumed moments… and please feel free to post your own too!

Naptime is definitely better when you’re dressed as a crocodile.

Crocodile suit - asleep

Happy moments are even happier when you’ve got your fairy dress on.

Fairy dress in swing

Wearing jogging bottoms to watch TV is way too boring.

Ah yes, of course. This was the day I left the kids to their own devices for about a minute while I put away the groceries. Madeleine has decided that the outfit I chose for her simply didn’t have enough patterns on it for her liking. Elliot, well… suffice to say that Elliot enjoys taking his elfin nature to a whole other level.

Noddy and pattern girl sitting on the sofa

An elephant suit is the perfect outfit for any occasion.

This photo makes me smile every time. I just love the fact that Elliot is dressed in completely normal clothes to help make sausage and chips and never once commented on the fact that his big sister was dressed head to toe as an elephant.

Elephant making lunch

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