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Abertillery Museum with ancient artefacts from Cwmtillery (Gwent, Wales)

The Abertillery Museum is a great place for children to learn about Welsh history and has an excellent collection of Roman, Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts found near Cwmtillery, Wales. Here’s a small sample of the exhibits your family will enjoy:

  • Stone Age axe and a particularly fine example of a Bronze Age Palstave (axe) which were found at Llanerch Padern Cwmtillery
  • A Roman and Celt locked in a fight to the death!
  • Roman and Silurian (Celtic) kitchens found near Caerleon and Caerwent.
  • Roman pottery from Prysg Field Caerleon
  • Farmhouse kitchen with a lady in Welsh national costume representing Tyr-Nicholas, the farm which stood on the site of Cwmtillery Colliery
  • Farm outhouse building with a display of farming tools, cheese press and a Tudor style doorframe from the Little Gwryhd Farm Cwmtillery
  • Myths and Legends exhibits, including the bloodstone from the Cefin Mountain, a dish shaped ironstone which, when filled with rainwater, leaves a reddish stain which gave rise to the myths of human Druids sacrifices in the area.
  • Murals that depict fairies and hobgoblins of Arael Mountain, as told in the stories of the Old Prophet Edmund Jones in the 1600s.
  • Washhouse exhibit with examples of types of flat irons, washing machines and tools of yesteryear. A widow can be seen taking in washing, cleaning for other people and selling faggots and peas to make ends meet.
  • Toys and games from bygone ages with interactive exhibits, used to keep children entertained as they learn about their heritage
  • Railway exhibit using the original Signalling Track Diagram, instrument shelf and desk from Aberbeeg Signal Box

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Written by Janis P.

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