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Time for Tree Fu!

Time for Tree Fu and other Tree Fu Tom shows promote movement and coordination in preschool children. Below is a review of the Time for Tree Fu DVDs and the brand new Tree Fu Tom magazine by Really Kid Friendly editor Janis and her two mini reviewers, ages 5 and 6.

I caught the kids doing Kung Fu in the living room – that’s what gave it away. Having told me that they are now officially “too grown up for cBeebies”, they’ve been secretly watching the latest Tree Fu Tom DVD (Time for Tree Fu) and clearly loving it.

If you don’t know the hit cBeebies show, Tree Fu Tom is about a boy who uses his special power belt to shrink to insect size. In every episode, he embarks on a challenge or adventure in Treetopolis, getting the audience to join him in Tree Fu moves to get one of his fellow characters out of a bind.

Tree Fu Tom - Time for Tree Fu DVD collectionTree Fu Tom promotes coordination and movement for children with Dyspraxia

It’s a great show and lots of fun, but what I like most is that it gets the kids moving. Don’t get me wrong, my kids spend most of their time leaping around like maniacs and hanging dangerously from trees in the garden… but during their occasional “blobbing time” it pains me to see them slouched on the sofa. With Tree Fu Tom, it’s a break from homework (and nagging mum) but the kids are up and moving around while they watch.

The movements themselves were carefully designed by child development specialists who specialise in treatment of children with Dyspraxia, a coordination disorder. The idea is that the children are immersed in the show, enjoying themselves immensely while they perform special moves to create magic to help Tree Fu Tom, and all the while they are building coordination, balance and core stability. Nice. It’s no wonder that it gets such high praise from the Dyspraxia Foundation.

New Tree Fu Tom magazine promotes maths and fine motor skills

We were also sent the first issue of the brand new Tree Fu Tom magazine. It was immediately spotted and squirreled away by my 5 year old boy, tucked in the secret hiding place where his dinosaurs, pirate eye patch and box of sticks and acorns live. I managed to sneak a peek while he was out with Daddy and was pretty impressed.

Much like the TV show, Tree Fu Tom magazine promotes movement, and there are lots of fun games and activities involving special Tree Fu moves, stickers and assorted outdoorsy things. A nice little bonus is that there are lots of cute counting activities and opportunities for the children to develop their pencil grip and fine motor skills… believe me, with an energetic 5 year old boy any chance you get to practice and reward fine motor skills is hugely welcome.

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Do you watch the show? What do you think of it?

Written by Janis P.


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