ThinkGeek :: Blurgh! The ThinkGeek Blog – GREAT GEEKY PUMPKIN TEMPLATE CONTEST 2013

Perfect for indulging Dad’s inner geek this Halloween, ThinkGeek has hundreds of really cool pumpkin carving templates for you to try out.

Janis Curry‘s insight:

Yes, we know ThinkGeek is normally the place you go to get t-shirts and mugs with geeky slogans we normal folk have no way of understanding, but it seems that while ThinkGeek fans are taking a break from coding and watching The Big Bang, they enjoy an altogether different sort of hacking… that’s right, they get out assorted knives, ice cream scoops, clay sculpting tools and probably a few bits and pieces from their bicycle repair kits, and get busy carving Space Invaders characters into pumpkins. 

We’ve had a skim through for some pumpkin carving ideas for this year’s Jack O’Lantern, and there are literally about 30 templates I am dying to try. There is a whole range – some require some big old fashioned hacking with a paring knife, while others need a steady hand and some shading  skills. 

You’ll find pumpkin carving templates for everything from the Game of Thrones House Targaryen crest to Spock to the Avengers Logo, and even a bit of Manga – including a very creepy Pinkie Pie. 

Well done, geeks – this is the best pumpkin carving template collection ever. [hip,hip]

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Written by Janis P.


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