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Disney’s Frozen sing-along is a must for Feb half term!

Having belted out Let It Go at the Disney’s Frozen Sing-Along, days later I am still a little hoarse… and still smiling! You’ll know from my Frozen review that it’s the best Disney film by a mile, but in my books the movie has scored a sort of movie hat-trick. Firstly, the characters have depth and how their lives are woven together (and torn apart) is like nothing I’ve seen before in a kids’ movie. Secondly, the animation is magnificent. And for the hat-trick, the superb soundtrack has the power to make you laugh out loud, beam with joy and burst into tears, all in the space of about 30 seconds.

So… going along to see normal Frozen for a third time wouldn’t exactly have been a hardship for me. Frozen Sing-Along, though? Honestly, I was so excited that I found myself singing Love is an Open Door at my desk. Loudly. In an open plan office. Alternating Hans and Anna’s voices. Oops.

The Frozen Sing-Along didn’t disappoint. You should have seen me… sitting in the cinema watching my favourite movie with my daughter on my lap, both of us singing every single word loud and proud, smiling and laughing. I cradled her in my arms, both of us sobbing as we sang along with Do You Wanna Build A Snowman, only to be swept back into playful, joyful singing in false American accents on Elsa’s coronation day.

The whole audience sang along to Let It Go, completely letting go (ha ha) and ignoring the fact that even our combined vocal range is nothing like Elsa’s and that we sounded like foxes fighting.

Limbered up and feeling bolder, the audience hissed and booed at that deliciously despicable con artist of a man. I think the best moment was when Danger Boy – who normally scowls through his sister’s favourite movies – caught an unstoppable case of the giggles singing along to In Summer.

If you’ve never seen Frozen… really? Go see it. It’ll knock your socks off. And if you’ve already seen it five times? Go and see it again, and make sure you catch the Sing-Along version – it’s well worth it.

Click here to find the Frozen Sing Along version near you

Written by Janis P.

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