Skribbies – Cool Hi Tops for Kids

Looking for new trainers for the children? If you haven’t yet got your hands on a pair of Skribbies, you are in for a real treat… Skribbies are an innovative brand of children’s shoes designed to let kids unleash their creativity – at first glance, they look like frighteningly shiny white but very cool Hi Tops for kids. White? Yes, I know, white is the very last thing I want my mud-magnet children to be wearing on their feet. But… and it’s a very big but… that shiny white is a bit like whiteboard material, the perfect canvas for my children’s silly designs, rainbows, purple stars, monster stickers, and whatever else they can come up with.

Skribbies shoes come with a little pack of colourful dry-erase markers and stickers, so children can personalise them the very second they get them out of the box. Better still, the fuzzy little Skribbies wristband doubles as an eraser, so they can wipe off their designs and start again. The wristband also has a cute little holster so the kids can add details to their designs on the go, or collect signatures from their friends.

As a parent I did wonder whether they were a bit gimmicky, or whether they were more toys than shoes. Thanks to entrepreneur Jennifer Duthie, I’ve been able to put them to the test with my own children…

Skribbies customisable hi top shoes for kids - black and yellow

The children happily spent over an hour designing their shoes, adding stickers, chatting with each other about the colours, and generally staying out of my hair. That puts them pretty firmly in the ‘Toy’ camp.
Skribbies customisable hi top shoes for kids - children adding designs

We then headed out to Stage School, where my 7 year old daughter wore them for her streetdance classes, plus of course for the mile walk each way. She seemed pretty chipper and comfortable… and the sheer absence of whingeing (or blisters) tells me that – while they are not Clarks – as shoes they’re pretty decent. Also, because they have a velcro fastening, even my 5 year old can put them on by himself, which is going to be a bonus whichever way you cut it!

Skribbies customisable hi top shoes for kids - black and yellow with coloured markersThe children have since worn them for pretty much every activity you can think of, and I’m pleased to say they’re holding up just fine. They absolutely love adding fresh designs every couple of days, and their friends are sooooo jealous.Living in rainy old England, you’ll also be pleased to know the designs don’t come off in the rain – you have to actually rub the designs or use a botty wipe to clean them.

Price-wise, we paid £32 for some run-of-the-mill trainers at Clarks, so the £39.99 for funky customisable Skribbies (including markers, stickers and eraser wristband) isn’t too bad at all.

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Overall, a great find!

Thank you to entrepreneur Jennifer Duthie for letting us have some Skribbies for our mini-reviewers to test out. 

Written by Janis P.

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