Minions movie trailer and review!


Minions movie still - Universal Pictures - Minions in LondonI’ll get straight to the point – the Minions movie is hilarious. Ever since watching Despicable Me, Danger Boy has been wandering around the house dressed head to toe in yellow (usually being bossed around by his favourite villainess, his big sister Mads).

You can imagine the moment when the Minions movie preview tickets came through the letterbox – you have never seen two more excited children! In fact, they were so excited about Minions that I was starting to get worried that it would disappoint – sequels (and in this case, prequels) often do.

Within about 5 seconds of the movie starting, though, the kids were in stitches… and all through the movie I could hear Danger Boy giggling away, at some points laughing so hard that he was breathless.

Minions movie still - Universal Pictures - Minion chatting up fire hydrant

And it wasn’t just the kids! There is an extra layer of humour just for the adults, and mums and dads and movie critics in the audience were having a great time – the guy beside me was literally “guffawing”!! – and when the movie ended everyone actually clapped. Really!

Minions movie still - Universal Pictures - Minions bananas

There’s nothing worse than someone ruining all the jokes and little surprises, so I will leave my review at this…

The Minions movie is definitely worth seeing, the baddies are absolutely brilliant, you’ll have an awesome time, and your kids will think you’re the coolest parent ever 🙂

Check out the Minions movie trailer below for a little taster, and pop back soon for some cool Minions crafts and activities by Universal Pictures and our resident artist Lein Wouters!

Minions Movie Trailer

Written by Janis P.

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