Sanjay’s Super Team – Pixar short film: FIRST CLIP!!

We are SO thrilled to share the FIRST CLIP from the amazing “Sanjay’s Super Team”, the latest animated short film by Pixar Animation Studios. Animator Sanjay Patel brings together a wonderful, moving story about growing up in America with traditional Indian parents… featuring some pretty awesome Hindu superheroes!

He’s absorbed in his world of comic book heroes and Western pop culture, and it doesn’t exactly fit with his father’s Indian religious customs and his family’s traditions. Cue a bit of father-son conflict, an action-packed adventure, and stunning animation with a very different style.

Sanjays Super Team - Pixar Animation Studios

Having grown up in first-generation Indian-Canadian family myself, I can guarantee this incredible short will strike a chord, and the finale will make you want to laugh, smile and pick up the phone to your dad.

You’ll be able to enjoy Sanjay’s Super Team on the big screen when you FINALLY get to settle down to watch The Good Dinosaur (out in cinemas November 27th), and you lucky London folk can catch the UK premiere of Sanjay’s Super Team at the BFI London Film Festival on October 18th on the South Bank.

Enjoy, and please share!

Written by Janis P.

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