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Win Bing prizes to celebrate the DVD release of Bing Surprise Machine

Having bounced his way into the hearts of millions of preschoolers, Bing is here with a fantastic new addition to your DVD collection! To celebrate the DVD release of Bing Surprise Machine, we’re giving away some fantastic prizes for little Bing fans.

One lucky winner will get to take home a My Posable Bing toy, Bing Slide Book, a Dressing Up book, and a copy of Bing Surprise Machine (and other episodes) on DVD.

For your chance to win, just leave a comment below before 21st February 2016, telling us about your favourite place to go with preschoolers, and why you love it!


Following the successful launch of the first 4 DVD releases, Bing has bounced his way to become one of the most beloved and best-selling pre-school DVD brands in the UK. Little ones and the grown-ups in their lives will meet Bing, his carer Flop (voiced by Mark Rylance) and all their friends in this ground-breaking CBeebies television series that celebrates the noisy, joyful, messy reality of being a pre-schooler.

Based on books by Ted Dewan, BING will be available to buy on DVD, and fans of Bing, Flop, and their mishaps and adventures will be able to enjoy the series to their hearts content on TV, with the following episodes:

Surprise Machine | Dizzy | House | Ice Lolly | Mural | Hiding | Sandcastle | Acorns | Jingly Shoes | Flop


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  • You can enter as many times as you like, but please don’t spam us.
  • Prize draw open to UK residents only
  • No cash alternative
  • Closing date Sunday 21st February 2016 at 11 pm
  • Winner will be selected at random by the ReallyKidFriendly team. Our decision is final.
  • Winner will be notified by email as soon as possible following the closing date. Please ensure the email address you provide is correct!

Written by Janis P.


  1. We love going to the park. They can use the play equipment, or run around like MAD! We love Bing! 🙂

  2. We Love to go to the Sea Life Centre, Its great to see all the fish and animals and learn all about them 🙂

  3. Our favourite place to go is the beach in all the wet weather gear. They run about and enjoy learning and exploring the rock pools, especially in the rain.

  4. we love going to the park together, playing a little and then running around on the grass with a football xx

  5. My favourite child friendly attractions is Cannon Hall Farm Barnsley. There is lots to do and see for all ages. They do sheep and ferret racing, tractor rides, farm/ice cream shops, you can see the animals feeding, and the cows being milked. They have recently opened a new café and indoor play area and this combined with all the outdoor play areas/adventure playgrounds make it an amazing place to visit

  6. We found a really nice cabin to go to, Sherwood Castle Holiday Forest. It is so nice, it has great rooms, with TV, DVD player and also board games. They have a pool and so many activities, children play areas, bike tracks, archery, tennis, just great. All very affordable.

  7. I love to go to our local Country Park as there is a beautiful lake there which takes about an hour to stroll around. There are plenty of ducks to feed and lots of benches on the way round to have a rest and chat to the kids about what they can see. There is also a fun adventure playground and a lovely little ice cream parlour as a treat at the end of the day.

  8. I have a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl – one of our favourite places to visit is Piglets near York. There is loads to do for the children including play areas and animals which they are able to stroke etc. It is excellent value for money and the food at the café is beautiful – there is a picnic area as well so can take your own lunch, Highly recommended.

    Both of my two love Bing Bunny especially my little boy Oscar and would be so excited to win! Thank You

  9. Our nearest play park is great because it has fairly new equipment and a really nice sectioned off area for younger children. There’s no older kids to harass the little ones or keep them off the play equipment. There’s active/physical equipment and stuff for imaginative play too.

  10. I like to take my sons to soft play, it fantastic to see them running around but even better when they snooze in the car on the way back!

  11. I love taking my little fella along to ‘Softplay’ at our local garden centre. He gets to roll around and play on slides, in the ball pit and interact with his chums whilst I can grab a coffee and catch-up with other mums whilst keeping a good eye on him. x

  12. My hubbys brought a vw camper and we love going somewhere new and exploring my son has a speech delay so taking him to see new things start new conversations helps more than any other activities

  13. My 3 year old son love Ryton Country Pools in Coventry because there’s plenty of space to run, puddle jump and explore. There’s also 2 parks to play it with a range of equipment. Lots of picnic areas (tables and grass) too!

  14. Anywhere outside! We particularly love going to the local park- we’re lucky that we have a beautifully kept park very close by our home with a play area for little ones (bigger ones and adult’s if no-one’s watching!), wide open grass to run over and it’s surrounded by two small streams. The colours are particularly beautiful in autumn and we enjoy finding the most colourful leaves to take home and press, or the crunchiest ones to scrunch through in our welly boots!
    Thanks for this lovely competition x

  15. I regularly take my little one to our local train museum (we now have membership we go so often!) – anywhere that has enough space to display trains means lots of space for a crazy toddler to run around in! And the impressive trains are just a bonus!!x

  16. We love to go to our local park, ride our bikes and feed the ducks then we usually have time for a quick play on the swings and an ice cream.

  17. We love going to Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands trust – they can feed the ducks, play and splash around in the welly park, play in the adventure playground and join in with all the fun activities which they put on such as pond skimming and treasure hunts!

  18. We love going to the zoo,we live near Edinburgh so it’s quite easy to get to,we still haven’t seen those Pandas,you get an allotted time and if they’re inside that’s just bad luck.It’s quite disappointing for the little ones though x

  19. I live in Northern Ireland and my favourite place to go is to Shaws Bridge, Giants Ring and Barnetts Demesne. We go up towpath of the River Lagan and feed the ducks. it’s such a lovely day out with the kids 🙂

  20. I like taking my little ones to a local theme park, it has a farm area and this is where we head for first. as well as the children I love seeing the little rabbits and like it when we can have a little cuddle or feed the lambs.

  21. I like to take them to the park, its free its fun and it lets them meet other little ones and you get to meet other mums/dads

  22. I love to take the children to a local museum, Western Park, the grounds are beautiful and they love to let of some steam, feed the ducks and have a picnic. Then its inside, where we learn all about our city (Sheffield). Each room is aimed at children and their learning and understanding. There is dress up clothing, writing equipment and utensils and resource to support the rooms theme. We love it! It suits all ages.

  23. Our Favourite place to go with the little ones is a place called “Sundown Adventure Land”, in Nottinghamshire. It is a specially designed theme park for the under 10’s. Its brilliant that the children can go here and have the theme park atmosphere, knowing that they can go on everything (being the big kid myself, I also love the idea that parents, can go on everything too)

  24. The little ones love to play on the swings and slides at local parks. There is no such thing as too many swings or slides!

  25. I love taking our lot around our local disused quarry which now has a pond and beautiful countryside, there’s so much you can teach them about nature, we especially love the swans nest!

  26. The John Rylands library; it’s an amazing building in an old, Gothic style filled with hundreds-of-years-old books, even an original Vesalius, but far from being stuffy they actively welcome children. This week we learned about animal magic and mythology and got to hold and stroke lizards, owls and hedgehogs, as well as show the older ones some genuine spellbooks and protective amulets from the 16th and 17th century. Even on non-holidays, they have interactive screens so you can get close-ups of the texts and have a good read.

  27. We go for a walk along the Stratford-upon-Avon canal to see the ducks and narrow boats. We also walk past the fields with various farm animals in.

  28. We go to a lovely animal park near us my children love it as they can get involved with feeding and looking after the animals.

  29. Luckily our nearest park has a big sandpit and playground. My two never get tired of having adventures there. On warm days it’s bliss just sitting in the sunshine and watching them have fun!


  31. I live in Blackpool, so the kids love the beach and the Sandcastle waterpark. And of course the Pleasure Beach if funds permit 🙂

  32. FunWorld, as he loves to play on all the equipment. He does ask why it has to close at the end of the day. His uncle takes him at times, which means they can have days out together, this uncle works shifts :- so it’s good that they make the most of their limited leisure time together. I explained to little one that FunWorld closes to allow staff to get home for their evening meal, just like he and his uncle return to Granny’s for their meal.

  33. We love going to the seaside, sand between our toes, building sandcastles, paddling in the sea, collecting seashells plenty of fresh air, and ice cream and candy floss, a great adventure for everyone

  34. The beach its great to see the creative play , makng friends with others and the sheer joy and laughter on their little faces . Its makes them creative , learn about life in the rock pools and develops their awareness for danger too

  35. I take my youngest to a charity run playgroup in our local park. I have been taking her since she was 6 months old and she has learned valuable social skills that will enable her to transition to pre-school and hopefully be very happy there

  36. We love taking our son to the park to feed the ducks, he gets so excited! He’d love this prize, he reads Bing books every night before bed time 🙂

  37. We love going to a place called Tilgate Park where there is an animal park, they have all sorts of animals there such as pigs, sheep, chicks, reptiles etc….my grandson absolutely loves it – you can pet the animals too!

  38. My favourite place to go is the kitchen, my kids love cooking with me and have been asking where Brenda the Blender is in our kitchen 😍

  39. Love taking my grandson to Newport Leisure Centre and having a swim. He loves it, they have a little slide and water squirter in there and a wave machine. Afterwards we have a drink and snack in the upstairs cafe and watch the swimmers still in the water below.

  40. Our local fruit farm – we pick strawberies in the summer and pumpkins in the autumn in the winter. It also has a fab outdoor play area and cafe X

  41. We love going to our home town and going to the manor house where we used to live. It has a beautiful walk way, canal and river and full of wonderful trees to climb!
    Thank you xx

  42. Our favourite place is Sparks Play Gym in Heywood. It has bouncy castles, play houses and gymnastic and soft play equipment, what more do little ones need?!

  43. We love going to the woods and pretending we’re in the jungle 🙂 we always see lions and tigers. We sometimes hear the tropical birds and the rustling leaves are snakes 😀

  44. I love to take my four to the Woods! We build dens, climb trees, jump in puddles, collect leaves and pine cones, do bark rubbing, tell spooky stories and the best bit is when we do the Gruffalo trail through the woods, then we have something lovely to eat at the Cafe in the Woods, and then enjoy a long tired walk home! I look forward to doing this all week with my gorgeous four and hubby, and the best part is, its free!!

  45. We love going to the Forestry Centre, a massive open play area where all the equipment is made from wood for climbing, sliding, swinging etc, Trampolines are set into he ground, there are picnic tables and seats around, amassive ball play area and for wet weather there is indoor play. Also has bird hides, a bird of prey centre, crazy golf and lovely ‘science’ walks through the forest area. So much to do and only the couple of pounds for parking. A real treasure trove of safe activities.

  46. I love to take my 2 pre-schoolers to the world museum in Liverpool, we usually take a packed lunch and can easily spend a few hours there as there is so much for them to do and see.

  47. We love the Yorkshire sculpture park my little one loves it in his mac pac carrier whilst my nephew has lots of room to run around. Theres lots of sculptures that little ones can play with

  48. We love the zoo and are lucky enough to live 5 mins away from one of the uks biggest! We love seeing all the different animals! We love Bing too 🙂

  49. We love going to the park its our special place and my sons love imagining that the equipment is all different things x

  50. I love to take my girls fossil and she’ll hunting, we have a good collection so far. Anything to do with the dinosaurs and beach they love nothing better. X

  51. I love taking my little one to the park. We don’t really live near one that I can get to easily and so when we do go she absolutely loves it.

  52. We love to go to our local park which is a huge nature reserve with cows and horses that roam freely.

  53. we love going on family nature walks, its amazing how wildlife and adventures can build such great memories

  54. We love going to a big adventure, unfortunately we can’t do this quite as often as we would love to. This is hopping in the car with our 3 little ones, driving to Folkstone, catching the euro tunnel and then driving to South West France to spend time with family, there’s gorgeous lakes to swim in, my sister in law has a pool, dogs, cat and chickens and especially summer time there’s local fayres and of course we can’t forget local castles to explore 🙂

  55. I love taking pre schoolers to Folly Farm, they can interact with the animls, and they can have a go at the fun fair, there is just so much fun to have, and they never get boared

  56. I love to go to the woods. We spot birds and animals, collect leaves and sticks and sometimes step in muddy puddles

  57. My children love a museum. One of our favourites is the Castle Museum in York as they have such a diverse selection of exhibitions

  58. We love going to our local farm. My daughter absolutely loves seeing all the animals and especially this time of year seeing the baby animals. She lives holding the little animals and petting them at their special meet the animals slot. Highly recommend.

  59. The local soft play area! I have two under 5 so it keeps my mind at ease they can run around in a safe and enclosed environment.

  60. My favourite place to go with my preschooler is To my kitchen! We spend ages in their cooking and trying to stop him eating the butter by the handful!

  61. We are lucky enough to live by the sea? We love to go on treasure hunt and paddling in the sea, building sandcastles and eating ice creams x

  62. The large garden centre near where we live in Dorset. They have a great selection of activities in the children’s area and it makes it a win-win for all concerned! Daughter loves it.

  63. I love taking my Son to the local Family run Farm & Ice-Cream parlour. My Son even named one of their lambs & had his own personal meet and greet with said lamb =)

  64. I love taking my daughter to soft play, she loves the ball pit! And now she’s walking properly she is full of confidence and loves climbing and going on the slide! We try go atleast every 2 weeks, it’s also a great opportunity to play with other children to. 🙂

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