Review of Captain America: Civil War (PG13 – Big kids only!)

As Captain America: Civil War is one for big kids only, we’ll keep our review short but very sweet. We haven’t enjoyed a superhero movie like that since the release of Iron Man.

The action was absolutely exhilarating, with some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen on the big screen, and an amazing new character you’ll want to see much more of.

With characters like Tony Stark, Antman and Spiderman making an appearance, the fantastic humour will come as no surprise… be prepared to smile nearly the whole way through, and – if you haven’t been doing enough Kegels lately – be warned that there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

We loved the direction the story took. With a strangely plausible storyline and some perfect parallels with the real world, Captain America: Civil War is a really unique Superhero film. Where normally there’s a clear Good vs. Evil story and a villain you love to hate, Civil War explores a very unnerving and realistic grey area where there is no ‘baddie’.

In short, seeing the destruction and ripple-effect of well-meaning superheroes, the governments of the world want to impose regulations, with the UN deciding when and how they should take action, rather than The Avengers acting as an unpredictable vigilante group. Tony Stark carries the weight of responsibility heavily on his shoulders, and comes together with other superheroes who agree that they need boundaries. Captain America feels strongly that they need to operate outside the law in order to be able to do the most good. Each believes he is right, right down to his soul, as do the other superheroes, and even in the audience you’ll find yourself siding with one. The resulting in-fighting is believable and very intense, and of course the superpowers and cool gadgets take it to a whole new level.

Seeing it on the big screen is a must, and IMAX 3D was pretty intense and huge fun – we cannot wait to see it again!

P.S. Captain America: Civil War is PG-13 and with good reason. Don’t bring the kids!

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Written by Janis P.

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