Cars 3 Movie Review

It’s been 6 years since the last Disney Pixar’s Cars movie, and Lightning McQueen and the gang are back and about to go on another speed fuelled adventure. A firm favourite with young boys, the Cars franchise has made more money from merchandise than the actual movies. In 2014 that figure was at 10 billion dollars, Star Wars being the only film franchise to make more from merchandising. With that in mind, it’s no wonder we have a third film even after a disappointing second instalment.

The new film sees our hero still at the top of his game, racing and beating the best there is. But things aren’t getting any easier for Lightning McQueen. The new cars on the block are younger, faster, and better designed. He has reached that time that every race car must dread. Is it time to retire?!! This sets the scene for an epic journey of self-discovery, where his physical and mental will be tested to the full.

All our old favourites are here but they do take more of a back seat in this film. Mater is back to being playing more of a cameo role (which works much better than when he was a central character in Cars 2), with new cars Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm rolling into the limelight.

I have to say the story hasn’t got any big twists and turns and middle section did lack a little oomph. With the modern day 12A’s having so much action and adventure it’s hard for a film like this to compete with the likes of Spiderman Homecoming and Transformers: The Last Knight. Both of those films are scooping up young 7-12 year old fans with ease. However, the animation quality is easily on par. There are a few scenes where you could be forgiven for thinking they filmed the background and superimposed the animation onto the scene.

Vocal talent as with all Pixar productions is on point. Lewis Hamilton returning as an A.I. Car system is my favourite.

If you are taking the kids to see this one, don’t expect it to dominate the conversation for the subsequent 24-48hrs as it would with Spidey – mine were back to the daily distractions almost immediately. But if you are looking for 90mins when you don’t have to be the main entertainment, you could do a lot worse.

Cars 3 is in cinemas from July 14th

Disclosure: Our honest review of Cars 3 was made possible thanks to tickets to the Charity Gala screening provided free of charge by the Disney-Pixar team.

Written by Nigel


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