is an award-nominated website for parents, and it’s all about enjoying time with the kids! We’re best known for our honest reviews of things to do and places to go with kids, and for our no-nonsense advice for mums and dads.

We’re mums and dads and nannies and grannies… just like you. We’ve drunk imaginary tea from tiny plastic teacups, created entire worlds out of LEGO, and we secretly love hopping along to Sleeping Bunnies. We know how daunting it is standing in a sea of travel cots trying to pick the right one, and just how thrilling it is the first time you manage to fold up your buggy without swearing or kicking anything.

When you spot a great kids movie, a lovely indoor play centre or some cool kids tech on ReallyKidFriendly, you know it’s been put to the test by real families. Every family day out has survived either the Overtired Toddler Test or the “Can I get my double-buggy through the door” challenge. Some of the products we recommend have also been chewed, licked and drooled on for good measure. Usually by the kids.

Our Story

Madeleine and Elliot and grabberWhen Mads and Danger Boy arrived, we were so frustrated by all of the things that were supposedly child friendly, and completely overwhelmed by the idea of a day out with two under two.

Especially these two. I mean, look at them. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious on a good day, but when you’ve been up all night with a teething baby, well, sometimes it all felt like a bit much.

We found that the best recommendations by far were from other parents, and often they were for the most unexpected things. We wanted to find a way to capture all those invaluable word-of-mouth recommendations, and make it easier for other new mums and dads to find stuff that was really kid friendly.

And so, in the summer of 2008, was born!

 You’ve nominated us for lots of awards!

  • Sainsbury’s Best Family Blogger Award 2012
  • Parentdish Best MAD Blog for Family Fun Award 2012
  • BritMums Brilliance in Blogging “Go!” Award 2012
  • BritMums Brilliance in Blogging “Video!” Award 2012
  • The Good Web Guide “Website of the Year” 2011
  • Smarta100 2011
  • Mumpreneur UK Best Interactive Business Award 2011
  • Mumpreneur UK Best Supportive Business Award 2011
  • Parentdish MAD Blogger Awards 2011

 Meet a few of our reviewers & guest authors…

Janis Curry - Editor of Really Kid FriendlyJanis is a cheery and versatile digital expert with a healthcare background, usually seen either geeking out or sprinting through North London trying to catch her kids, Mads and Danger Boy. Thanks to her two boisterous rascals, she has become an expert in soft play areas, parks, energetic music classes, and where to get a stiff drink once they’ve gone to bed.

Laura is a mum of two, best known for her incredible website London Baby, the city’s best round-up of free and affordable things to do with under fives. She’s also a teacher, a musician and a child friendly gallery aficionado.  We nab her whenever we can for great reviews of enriching and educational spaces for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Lein - Guest reviewer on Really Kid FriendlyLein is our very own Mary Poppins! Known to her two nieces as Aunty Lein Loon, Marjolein is an Irish Artist and Nanny living in London with her boyfriend (and sadly 0 cats). She uses her creativity to set the children’s imaginations alight, and you’re going to want to steal each and every one of her birthday party ideas.

Dino is a children’s media specialist and has worked with the likes of Disney and Moshi Monsters to create amazing interactive stuff for kids. He’s also a complete geek, tech sniffer outer and one of the coolest dads we know… he’s the perfect fit when we have a kids movie, game or gadget than needs to be put through its paces.

Madeleine from Really Kid FriendlyMads is a bright, creative and fiesty go-getter. She devours non-fiction books and can usually be found surrounded by children’s encyclopaedias, atlases, biographies of famous inventors and Horrible Histories publications. She’s also super sporty, a great little street dancer and can do some great tricks on her skateboard! When she grows up she wants to be a professional skateboarder and present a science TV show for the BBC.

Louise is a talented young writer and editor, and came to us as an intern in the early days! She is best known on ReallyKidFriendly for her popular National Trust with Kids series and Disneyland Paris series.

Elliot from ReallyKidFriendlyElliot is a chatty, energetic and spritely little boy, and has a positively infectious smile. He’s full of beans and is often seen running, leaping, cartwheeling, spinning or busting some moves, and his moniker Danger Boy is well earned. Elliot loves the Just So Stories, Flat Stanley and Esio Trot, and can tell you everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you could ever want to know about Thunderbirds. He wants to be a Space Ninja when he grows up.

Simon is the Publishing Director at a number of tech publications, including Tech Advisor, Macworld, Digital Arts, Tech TV, MacVideo, and PC Advisor – ranked as the world’s number-one technology magazine website. He’s also a dad and as such is our go-to person for round-ups of the best tablets and tech for kids!

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