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    Fireworks Craft Activity for Babies and Toddlers

    Fireworks are everywhere this week to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ failed gunpowder plot.  Forget about the burning effigies and flaming bonfires or subjecting the babies to rather terrifying fireworks – here is a safe Fireworks craft activity to commemorate the day with babies and toddlers. These pictures are a fun way to focus their attention with […]

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    Children’s Theatre: Oliver Jeffers Up and Down

    Trying to decide on the right play for your preschooler? You’ll be pleased to know that Ga Ga Theatre’s adaptation of Oliver Jeffers’ Up and Down is absolutely perfect for under 5s – like the book, it’s a lovely tale of friendship and wishes, without any scary baddies. Sitting in the Riverside Studios audience with […]

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    Mole’s Babies – great parenting gift

    Mole’s Babies by David Bedford sees the return of the charming Morris the Mole, from the hit title Morris in Love. Morris is ecstatic – he’s about to become a new dad.  He takes some crash course parenting tips from farmyard friends, just to realise he is not ready!  Morris soon learns that the answer […]

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    We’re back, back, back…

    For the last 10 days we have had a nightmare with our site hosting company who quite simply have no idea about customer service and, it seems, not a lot of ideas about technology. After a number of days with the site up, slow, and down altogether we have finally switched host and so far, […]