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    Daisy plays Hide-and-Seek: A camoflage book

    Daisy plays Hide-and Seek is a fun camoflage book by Ellie Sandall. The cover shows Daisy the cow in all her pastel detail, peeking round an object cheekily.  Daisy is no ordinary cow.  She is a chamelion type cow, in that she can change colour to blend in with objects around her.   Our 5 […]

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    Arthur and the Meanies – A Stunning Favourite

    The front cover on Arthur and the Meanies by Jan Fearnley, is truly stunning and vibrant.  The gold patterned scroll detail is metallic, set against an eye catching shade of pink and with Arthur’s title in a beautiful cyan colour.  There’s no way this would be missed on a shelf face on!! Arthur the elephant […]

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    Mole’s Babies – great parenting gift

    Mole’s Babies by David Bedford sees the return of the charming Morris the Mole, from the hit title Morris in Love. Morris is ecstatic – he’s about to become a new dad.  He takes some crash course parenting tips from farmyard friends, just to realise he is not ready!  Morris soon learns that the answer […]