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    Daisy plays Hide-and-Seek: A camoflage book

    Daisy plays Hide-and Seek is a fun camoflage book by Ellie Sandall. The cover shows Daisy the cow in all her pastel detail, peeking round an object cheekily.  Daisy is no ordinary cow.  She is a chamelion type cow, in that she can change colour to blend in with objects around her.   Our 5 […]

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    Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime by David Bedford

    The newest addition to our collection of bedtime stories is David Bedford’s latest picture book for young children, Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime. Like Mole’s Babies and David Bedford’s other picture books, Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime is a sweet little bedtime story that toddlers and preschoolers will love. The story starts with all the animals making their way […]

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    Martha No! – A mischievious heart warming book

    Martha No! is a fantastically bright and vibrant covered book.  We all have days when our little treasures seem to do the opposite of what you ask them to do, so in meeting Martha Felicity Molly-Anne May, the main character in this book, readers will be introduced to a world of chaos and fun, with […]