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    Kids Crafts: Walnut Crafts & Link Up Party

    Aha. Walnut Babies? But didn’t I do a post about this a few days ago.. yes yes yes! I did! But we are very busy here in Red Ted HQ and we had an “extra craft” on Saturday (i.e. Walnut Babies) and ANOTHER extra craft …

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    Quick Craft Post: Magazine Craft Challenge

    A quick Christmas card craft for your kids! Cute. Cheap. Fun.
    I do love a crafty challenge, so when the gorgeous Tinkerlab said that the next challenge was on, I knew we *had* to take part. This time she set the “magazine” …

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    Kids Crafts: Traditional Walnut Babies

    Hello! Today we share out little Walnut Babies (aka Walnuss Wiegenkinder or Walnussbaby), yet another classic German/ Austrian childhood craft. This is also very special edition of “Kids Get Crafty”, as it is part of the K…