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    Christmas Craft Idea: Felt Christmas Tree

    Everyone is busy at Christmas, wrapping presents, stuffing the turkey, writing cards, and decorating the house. The kiddies will want to be busy too with their own job to do. So, while you’re out at the shops, grabbing the last minute presents, take 5 minutes to pop into the nearest Art or Fabric shop and […]

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    Autumn Crafts from Red Ted Art

    Besides being an all-around lovely blog, Red Ted Art has the best ever round up of children’s craft ideas this Autumn. For things for kids to make and do this autumn, including pinecone fairies and the cutest chestnut crafts I have ever seen, go on, pop over and check it out: Autumn Crafts Blog Hop. […]

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    Kids Crafts: Walnut Crafts & Link Up Party

    Aha. Walnut Babies? But didn’t I do a post about this a few days ago.. yes yes yes! I did! But we are very busy here in Red Ted HQ and we had an “extra craft” on Saturday (i.e. Walnut Babies) and ANOTHER extra craft …

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    Quick Craft Post: Magazine Craft Challenge

    A quick Christmas card craft for your kids! Cute. Cheap. Fun.
    I do love a crafty challenge, so when the gorgeous Tinkerlab said that the next challenge was on, I knew we *had* to take part. This time she set the “magazine” …

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    Kids Crafts: Traditional Walnut Babies

    Hello! Today we share out little Walnut Babies (aka Walnuss Wiegenkinder or Walnussbaby), yet another classic German/ Austrian childhood craft. This is also very special edition of “Kids Get Crafty”, as it is part of the K…

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    Family Activity: Make a Winnie the Pooh Basket for your Easter Egg Hunt

    To celebrate the launch of Disney’s brand new animated feature, Winnie the Pooh, we’ve got a great Pooh-inspired activity for your family to enjoy over the Easter break. Your children can make their very own Winnie the Pooh egg baskets – all you need is some printer-friendly card, scissors, and a bit of glue. If […]