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    Poptastic review of Pop Party 10 on CD and DVD

    I was invited to review the new “Pop Party” CD, Pop Party 10, with my children over half term. Before I get on with my poptastic review of the Pop Party 10 CD and DVD, please let me make one thing perfectly clear: I would rather pour salt in my eyes than listen to Justin […]

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    Kids Music: Classics with my Baby

    Looking for a way to enjoy live classical music with your baby? Laura from London Baby tells mums and dads all about Classics with My Baby, a series of baby friendly classical musical performances across London.  Want to feel amazingly smug about doing your mummy job while giving yourself a genuine treat at the same […]

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    Cheery children’s music from South Africa: Review of Beautiful Creatures

    All week long I’ve been dancing around the house and the garden singing “It’s just a Boom! Boom! Boom! to the left…wiggle your tail in the sunlight…a Boom! Boom! Boom! to the right… “. Much to the amusement of fellow customers at my local cafe I have also had an uncontrollable urge to sing it […]