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    Moshi Monsters movie review: Goopendous fun for the kids

    Calling all Moshi Monsters fans! Before you head out to the cinema, check out our Moshi Monsters movie review, official film trailer plus interviews from UK preview of this fun kids movie. If you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of it, Moshi Monsters is a free educational game played by over […]

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    Get your paws on the FREE Moshi Monsters Mouth Off iPhone app

    Want to get your little paws on a fun iPhone app for kids? Mouth Off has got to be one of the weirdest uses of the iPhone’s technology – essentially, the application features a sound-reactive cartoon mouth. That’s it. No sophisticated tilt features or geolocation or anything fancy – but for all its simplicity, it’s […]

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    Ten of the best websites for kids

    Thanks to the “grotty weather”, we’ve had a special request for a list of fun, safe, educational and entertaining websites for kids, so here it is…  Have a look at our favourites, and please leave a comment below if we’ve left out a website your kids love! Kids National Geographic What a superb site. Aside […]

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    Kids virtual world brings Europe’s largest shopping centre to a virtual standstill

    Monster madness reached fever pitch as Mr Moshi himself signed copies of the first ever Moshi Monsters book at Europe’s largest shopping centre today. Hundreds of children queued up excitedly for more than 4 hours to meet Michael Acton Smith (known in the virtual world as Mr Moshi), bringing Westfield London to a virtual standstill. […]

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    Moshling Collector’s Guide – Book signing this weekend

    We’re going to an extra special book signing this weekend for the launch of the first official Moshi Monsters book, Moshi Monsters: The Moshling Collector’s Guide. Mr Moshi will be there in person to sign books, and Poppet and Furi will be there in, erm, monster… to entertain the kids while they wait excitedly on […]

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    Mind Candy, Eye Candy and just plain Candy : Inside the Moshi Monsters game

    Along with some other parent bloggers, I was invited to meet the team at Mind Candy at their office in Battersea Studios to find out more about the Moshi Monsters game. The idea was that we’d get to meet Mr Moshi himself (Michael Acton Smith, the CEO) and generally schmooze while our kids played the […]