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    Breastfeeding-friendly places in London

    Here’s a little snapshot of some nice places in London where you can comfortably breastfeed your baby. If the weather is fine, you can often find somewhere secluded to feed the baby and relax in most parks and gardens, and some of the cafes have even been designed with mums in mind. The new cafe […]

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    Top 5 for new mums in Islington

    Giraffe Giraffe is one of our all-time favourites for families. Their focus is on fresh healthy food from around the world, with hearty burgers, crisp salads with seasonal organic veg, flavoursome asian-inspired starters, invigorating fruit smoothies, and a delicious brunch menu. With the standard fare listed on the kids menu it sounds fairly uninspiring, but […]

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    Nicky Weston, Mobile Spa Therapist: pregnancy massage and postnatal treatments

    Nicky Weston is a mobile spa therapist who provides the full range of Mama Mio Maternity Treatments within the comfort and sanctuary of your own home. She is a CMA registered therapist, and won Body Therapist of the Year 2002 at the British Beauty Awards. Mama Mio Mama’s Touch is a programme of safe, indulgent […]

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    Clare Byam-Cook’s Top 5 Tips on Successfully Feeding the Baby in Public

    The baby is crying. You look around anxiously for somewhere to sit down and feed him. Shunning the bench at the bus stop (but don’t tell me you haven’t done it at least once!), you dash into the closest café, order some random drink you don’t really want, hike up your top, fiddle one-handed with […]