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    Disney’s Maleficent movie is magnificent – but is it for kids?

    Maleficent has long been my favourite baddie. In Disney’s 1959 classic kids movie Sleeping Beauty, the self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil is deliciously despicable, and her curved horns lent her a chilling other-worldly edge. I am a massive fan of dark fantasy fiction, and cannot begin to describe how excited I was when I found […]

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    Maleficent Trailer

    Ooh, we love a baddie! Walt Disney Pictures have just released this Maleficent trailer, telling the story of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the most deliciously villainous baddies ever, brought to life by Angelina Jolie. Looking for our review of Disney’s Maleficent movie, or wondering whether Maleficent is kid friendly? [button link=”” type=”big”] Read […]