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    Family Travel: The Sun’s Holidays from £15

    Having enjoyed a tiny glimpse of the sun peeking out over Easter weekend, I’ve already started thinking about my next family holiday! Gone are the days of lounging around on holiday reading my paperbacks – when the sun’s out, my children are completely energised, tugging at my shorts demanding that I play games in the […]

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    Fireworks Craft Activity for Babies and Toddlers

    Fireworks are everywhere this week to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ failed gunpowder plot.  Forget about the burning effigies and flaming bonfires or subjecting the babies to rather terrifying fireworks – here is a safe Fireworks craft activity to commemorate the day with babies and toddlers. These pictures are a fun way to focus their attention with […]

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    3 Things to do with babies and toddlers this Autumn

    Autumn has definitely arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with the very first post in our M&S Baby and Toddler series! We’ve invited the wonderfully talented Irish artist (and much loved nanny and aunty) Marjolein Wouters to share her favourite things to do with babies and toddlers this season. Enjoy, and please share! 1. […]

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    The secret past lives of cornflakes

    My children know that fish have heads and that their cereal was once alive. A strange thing to boast about, I admit, but one which makes me weirdly proud of my parenting skills. You see, I grew up in a small-ish town in Canada, first in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and later in […]

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    Overdressed? Never.

    Remember those days before kids when costumes were only for fancy dress parties? I used to walk through the park on my way to work, shaking my head at the mums who let their kids play football in full Spiderman costume. Our first friend to have kids didn’t even bat an eye when her little […]

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    Weird things kids do when they’re just being kids

    Well, here I am again, slithering along the hallway carpet towards my daughter’s room. It’s hard going, and there is a serious risk of electric shock (never good for someone with hair as curly as mine), but sneakily watching my kids playing together is well worth it. In fact, it’s what I most look forward […]

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    Smart meters: Save energy and save money, without selling your toddler to the National Grid

    Raising children can be expensive, can’t it? Before having kids we were all warned about the cost of nappies, buggies, and those sweet little outfits they wear exactly once before a random growth spurt or a carrot-puree incident. But what they don’t tell you is that the basic costs of running your house will spiral […]

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    Why not give Nerf a go this Summer?

    I’m feeling decidedly nostalgic about sunny spring days from my childhood, where my brothers and I would spend hours throwing our much loved Nerf football around, stopping only for watermelon breaks. A pleasure then, to read this article by our friends at Argos about how much Nerf has evolved since then, and a peek at […]

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    Win a year’s salary while Christmas shopping!

    What would you do with £40,000? In our family we’re still reeling from the shock of me being made redundant while on maternity leave after Baby #2. In the blink of an eye we went from being a double-income household to having a single wage earner, hemorrhaging money on baby essentials like nappies and tiny […]

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    Free Family Entertainment – what did you do this summer?

    When I was little, our first assignment of the new school year was always the “My Summer Holidays” essay. My compositions always featured things like catching tadpoles in the local pond and watching them sprout legs, trying the “Devil’s Dip” trail on my brother’s hand-me-down BMX, or having a water balloon fight with my brothers […]

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