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    The Beasties – A Beautiful Bedtime Book

    I thought I’d share a gorgeous bedtime book with you all.  The cover on this is really eye catching and vibrant, with metallic silver detail around both the cover and the back.  The Beasties is written by Jenny Nimmo and illustrated by Gwen Millwar.   It encourages the reader (and listeners) to join Daisy, who tries […]

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    7 books to enjoy with your children this Christmas

    We’ve got a tradition in our house, where not only do we watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express and The Snowman, we also read together, snuggling up and creating a Christmas filled delight of wonder for our children… I hope you’ll join us.  So…Christmas just round the corner, and with the cold weather […]

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    Become a fan on Facebook and win a copy of the Baby Dragon Tamer

    Boom! Crash! Bang! A dragon has arrived! He’s big, loud, snorting purple smoke – and all he wants is TREASURE! And he’ll try anything to get it… But he’s reckoned without the Baby.The Baby isn’t the slightest bit afraid of the dragon, no matter what tricks he tries, and it’s only after their fun-filled, night-time […]

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    Win free books for your school or nursery!

    We thought we’d celebrate the 10th Annual National Storytelling Week by running a very special competition…. Thanks to our friends at Usborne and Waterstones, we’ve got some wonderful prizes including a signed limited edition of That’s Not My Puppy and a beautiful illustrated collection of children’s stories. Two lucky winners will also be able to […]