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    Christmas Craft Idea: Felt Christmas Tree

    Everyone is busy at Christmas, wrapping presents, stuffing the turkey, writing cards, and decorating the house. The kiddies will want to be busy too with their own job to do. So, while you’re out at the shops, grabbing the last minute presents, take 5 minutes to pop into the nearest Art or Fabric shop and […]

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    Christmas Cake Cloud Dough Sensory Tubs

    Festive Christmas jumpers, nativity plays, Christmas trees round every corner and snowy adverts on tv… the Christmas countdown is well underway and traditionally the mixing bowls would be out for baking the Christmas cake. Be inspired by tradition and put together a Taste-Safe Christmas Cake Cloud Dough Sensory Tub that will help the kiddies explore the […]

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    Children’s Theatre: Oliver Jeffers Up and Down

    Trying to decide on the right play for your preschooler? You’ll be pleased to know that Ga Ga Theatre’s adaptation of Oliver Jeffers’ Up and Down is absolutely perfect for under 5s – like the book, it’s a lovely tale of friendship and wishes, without any scary baddies. Sitting in the Riverside Studios audience with […]

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    What are little boys made of?

    Mads was looking through one of the books that Grandpa gave her when he came to visit in the Autumn. Along with his three or four items of clothing, he had brought along an entire suitcase of knitted accessories from the ladies at his Senior’s club, and a stack of children’s books that had been […]

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    Of bunk beds and big brothers

    When we were little, my older brother and I shared a room. We had a wooden bunk bed, a deep reddish-brown varnished pine, with streaks of pale yellow where I had gnawed on the rounded bed posts. I remember the bitter taste of the varnish and the hint of the pine. Bedpost gnawing was a […]

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    CBeebies Song Time

    “Is it going to be Boring music or Children’s music?” three year old M asked as she eyed the CD mailer with suspicion. We tore it open and as my children caught the tiniest glimpse of the corner of the cBeebies logo they burst into peals of excited laughter and leaped up and down, bumping […]

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    Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums

    There is nothing that can strike fear into the hearts of parents and random passers-by quite like the toddler tantrum. By the time you catch sight of the look of anguish on your child’s face, you’ll be gritting your teeth in anticipation, casting your eyes about for an escape route, and pleading to rewind the […]

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    Days out with Toddlers – without the tantrums!

    What good is there in planning all these great days out and coffee mornings if your toddler won’t even budge from the sofa, insists on going out in the cold wearing pyjamas, or has a meltdown every time you try and do something nice together? If you’ve ever felt like tearing your hair out thanks […]

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    Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London

    There are lots of exciting things to see and do at the Natural History Museum – not least the earthquake room and animatronic T-Rex! There are also explorer backpacks for under 7s with an explorer hat, binoculars, drawing materials and activities, and self-led guides for children 5+ to explore the museum exhibits. It is sometimes […]

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    April 17th – 25th 2010 Events

    British Museum Mesopotamian Myths, Saturday April 17th: noon, 1:00, 2:00 & 3:00 pm Join storyteller Xanthe Gresham for tales of Gilgamesh, Ereshkigal and Ishatar. Different stories told each session. Free, no booking Barbican Birmingham Contemporary Music Group Family Concert, Saturday April 24th, 1:00 and 3:30 pm Serenade for a satellite, a journey in time and […]

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