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The Baby Show – an essential part of having a baby

I was pleasantly surprised by last week’s Baby Show at London ExCeL – it was well organised and had a very relaxed vibe, and felt more like it was about giving parents a chance to research and try out essential baby equipment and educating parents-to-be rather than pushing them to buy things they didn’t need. Aside from hearing from parenting experts and celebrity speakers, parents-to-be and new parents were trying out baby carriers, buggies, monitors, and, well, every bit of baby gear you can imagine. It was also a great opportunity to check out all the brand new products on the market – including some weird and wonderful contraptions like the Ritmo prenatal MP3 player (really), the self-warming Yoomi baby bottles, and My Carry Potty, and stylish but practical baby new baby gear like funky cowboy-style absorbent bibs by skibz and the PishPosh nappy clutch, and to pick up a copy of the brand new parenting glossy, Baby London.   
My two were at nursery (it was a business outing after all!) but I did take a peek at baby care facilities anyway… the crèche looked really cheery, and there were plenty of places to sit down and have a rest or feed the baby, but every time I walked up and down all the stairs to use the toilet, I did wonder how pregnant women and mums with buggies were faring.
Were you at the Baby Show? What did you think?

PS – Later this week we’ll tell you which child friendly restaurant Annabel Karmel loves and why, and share Clare Byam-Cook’s top tips about feeding the baby while you’re out and about… so watch this space!

Written by Janis P.


  1. I thought it was a good show but I thought there was too much in too small a space. I, personally, felt overwhelmed…almost couldn't see the forest for the trees. I was there for Pampers and found their changing station brilliant. I was child-free (first time ever) so didn't need the creche facilities but everything looked first rate. What they MUST have is WIFI! I can't believe that they don't have wireless? What are professional journalists or freelancers like me to do?? Something they really should work on for next time. 🙂

  2. Karin – I had the exact same frustration! I had planned to meet up with some Twitter mums, but none of us had mobile reception or WIFI, so couldn't get in touch. I'd also hoped to do a series of live "boos" on but couldn't because of the lack of connection. Their loss 🙁

  3. Would like to go but would be worried I’d be tempted to buy all kinds of things I don’t really need!

  4. I LOVED the baby show but found it so overwhelming (and was pregnant at the time!). Would love to go back child free and really be able to make the most of it without a 7month bump and aching feet/legs!

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