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Highlights from Plusher – London’s luxury mummy and baby show

I was delighted to be invited to the VIP preview of Plusher, London’s first ever luxury Mummy and Baby Show this weekend. To be honest, part of the excitement was getting to go to one of these baby shows without actually being pregnant! It’s amazing how much more enjoyable a shopping event can be if you aren’t spending half the time running after your toddler while holding up an enormous bump and doing kegel exercises in hopes that you won’t wet yourself (much) in a public place.

Anyhow, I thought it would be neat to see how the other half live, and to see if “stylish coconut water” by Jax Coco is the same as normal coconut water but more expensive. Despite a few organisational hiccups, there were some really lovely stalls, gorgeous children’s clothes and gifts, and some nice surprises. Here are my highlights from the event:

Animal Fu

Animal Fu

Linda Hall has been studying martial arts for nearly 20 years, and has created this lovely ‘music and movement’ programme for young children based on adapted Kung Fu moves. The music is really catchy, the moves are really fun, and it’s a great way for the kids to develop balance, flexibility, coordination, core strength, good posture, and more. I imaging doing a bit of Animal Fu in the morning would have the same effect as the Laughing Clubs on Juhu Beach – there is no way you can do animal fu without smiling. Here’s a little peek at what the kids get up to –

Childsplay Clothing

If you want to dress your baby in some seriously stylish clothes, this is the place to shop. They have designer jeans for kids, the most stunning winter jackets for little girls, and a great Autumn/Winter range from all of the top designer brands – everything from Timberland and Diesel to Gucci, Armani and (really) Aston Martin. It’s not exactly playground attire, but more affordable than you’d think so worth checking out for a special occasion or if your child is a mini fashionista.


This multi-shape play tent is a little pricey, but an absolutely brilliant contraption and built to last.

KidCampz Play Tent

I had a great chat with the couple behind Kidcampz – they are energetic everyday parents who know what it’s like to have your kids steal all the chairs and duvets to create cozy dens. They love how the kids turn furniture and fabrics into a castle, a cave, a cosy reading den… and wanted to create something that would allow the kids the same degree of creativity. They got their own kids involved in the design, and the result is just marvellous.

They’ve paid attention to the smaller details that make tidy-up time that much easier – like the carry case is slightly oversized so you can pop it all back in any which way rather than trying to work out how to get all the pieces back in.

Breakdancing with Amanda’s Action Club

Amanda’s Action Club are all about music and movement for young children, so the very last thing I was expecting was a mind blowing breakdancing routine. But here it is! Featuring a totally crazy and definitely impossible head spin by Little Tim from Britain’s Got Talent. Wow.

Children’s Hair Styling by Galvin & Galvin London

The children were treated to some pampering with high end hair stylists Galvin & Galvin London. Let me tell you, being fussed over was a real treat for my 6 year old daughter, and the fact that she was next to Sinitta’s gorgeous little boy was a surreal experience for me!

Hair styling by Galvin and Galvin London at Plusher London baby show

Last but certainly not least, I found myself chatting with none other than the beautiful Rachel Stevens about 20 week scans and Amelie becoming a big sister.

Plusher - Rachel StevensAll in all, a great day out, and I’m looking forward to next year’s show!

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Written by Janis P.


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