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Share an embarassing parenting moment and you could win a weekend break! (closed)

That’s right, we’re giving away a superb holiday in London, worth over £600 (that’s $1,000 USD). Our lucky winner (and his or her family) will experience London’s South Bank in style, with a 2 night stay in a studio room at the stunning Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. If you can tear yourself away from the pool and spa, this family friendly hotel is a very short walk away from some of London’s most iconic attractions, like the London Eye and the Sea Life Aquarium.

We’ll create a personalised itinerary for your family to help you make the most of your little holiday in London, with London-themed colouring pages and activities, tips on local tourist attractions, museums, art galleries, child friendly places to eat, and great spots for the kids to run around and burn off some energy.

While exploring the South Bank, stop in at Giraffe restaurant where the cheery Giraffe team will treat you and your family to a delicious lunch (up to £70). You’ll even get a copy of their gorgeous family cookbook to take home with you.


To everyone who entered – thanks so much for making us laugh with your hilarious and embarassing stories. We’re choosing a selection of our favourite stories, and we’ll get you voting later this week!

More about the prizes, and some photos to whet your appetite:

One lucky winner will receive:

  • Two nights accommodation and breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children in a Studio Room at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London (South Bank), worth approximately £535. This family friendly hotel has been rated 9/10 and is a short walk from the London Eye, Sea Life Aquarium and other top London tourist attractions. Valid for 6 months, dates are subject to availability. June 24th and June 25th are tentatively booked to coincide with the Cybermummy Conference, however the winner may contact the hotel directly to select other available dates.
  • Lunch at Giraffe restaurant behind the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank, up to a value of £70.
  • Giraffe Family Cookbook, worth £15
  • Personalised itinerary with ideas to suit your children’s ages, priceless!

Terms and Conditions

  • Free entry
  • No registration required
  • Winner must be aged 18 or older
  • A winner will be selected by the ReallyKidFriendly team during the week of March 12th 2011, and will be notified shortly thereafter. If you do not claim your prize withing 2 weeks we will offer it to the runner-up.
  • Your personal details will not be published on our website or Facebook page, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • We will write updates about this competition on our website and Facebook. If you do not provide an alias for us to use on our website, we will refer to you by your first name or by your email prefix.
  • Winner will be contacted via Facebook or Email (depending on the method of entry) – please be sure to check your email during the week of March 12th, and that you add to your email “whitelist”.
  • Winner must provide their full name and address in order to book the accommodation. These details will only be shared with the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.
  • Each comment, tweet, email, etc counts as 1 entry
  • This prize is valid for 6 months from the date the winner is notified.

Written by Janis P.


  1. I once had to sing nursery rhymes constantly on a packed aeroplane for 45 minutes in order to get my daughter to sit on my lap.

  2. On a lovely hot summers day my son decided to do a poo in his nappy whilst standing in a flowerbed opposite a lovely park cafe full of people. I proceed to change his nappy (in a rather more secluded place) only to find the poo had fallen out of the nappy somewhere nearby. My husband and I spent a good while searching for the poo, only to find it in the middle of the aforementioned flowerbed. We attempted to pick it up as discretely as possible, trying our best not to put people off their paninis!

  3. With two very tired and hungry toddlers in the pushchair, I thought I would make our journey home several minutes quicker by cutting through the grass at the park, instead of going around on the footpath. I wasn’t thinking about the heavy rains we had received all that week and soon found myself in the middle of the grass, with no footpath anywhere near, and the pushchair stuck in 4 inches of mud. I had to pick it up and carry it with both girls strapped in. We were quite the muddy sight to see. I’ve learned to always stick to the footpaths – no matter how tired or grumpy my girls are.

  4. A few years ago my daughter had an ‘accident’ near the start of a day out and as she normally didn’t have accidents I had no spare clothes. Resourcefully, I took her to the nearest public toilet, took off my pants, tied knots at the sides to make them smaller and put them on her. We then carried on with out day out.

  5. When my son was a toddler he decided to do some poo art just before some people were coming to view our house which we were selling. I couldn’t clean it off because I discovered it as the doorbell rung. I told the people I was into Andy Warhol and did modern art. I think they believed me. They did buy the house!!

  6. Wanting to keep the peace at feeding time in a rather nice eatery I went to fetch my little one a spoon from the counter only to slip over in true “cartoon character on a banana skin” style! I landed painfully on my backside, arms and legs in the air in front of about 50 people!!! Next time, I’ll take my own spoon…

  7. I took my 2-year old daughter into a tiny fitting room with curtains and no roof situated against a wall of a large department store. She then asked in a very loud voice, “Mummy, why do ladies have hairy bottoms?”. I didn’t exactly embarrass myself on that occasion – but emerged back into the store red-faced nonetheless.

    • Kathy, I know that kind of embarrassment too. When my daughter was about two years old I took her to a wedding and we went to the toilet together. She saw my tummy-control support pants and screamed “Mummy, your pants are huge!” Everyone clapped when we came out.

  8. i was 10 years old i went to blackpool with my whole family, i really needed the toilet but nobdy was listening to wat i was saying they kept on telling mi to cross my legs and wait i waited for about an hour, then all of the sudden i wet my self we had no spare cloths, my mum went to buy me sum clothes as i wiaite din the toilets, she asked mi y didnt u tell us u neede to go to the toilet… but u kept on telling mi to wait every time i aked,

    • Awww 🙁 Mums can be like that sometimes… I once got caught out with no spare clothes for my little boy and he had a bit of a nappy leakage… so I had to dress him in his sister’s pink leggings. I hope *your* mum at least bought you some nice clothes to wear!

  9. i came home 1 day after school and we didnt have toilet, my dad had it taken out i really needed a toilet so i had to use the bath nobody used the bath ever agian. every1 statred useing the shower

  10. From Hazel (Facebook):
    The most embarassing thing my son ever did was when he was 2 years old we were in B&Q looking at some taps for our bathroom.My son shouted ‘done mummy’ and when i went over he had done a number two in the display toilets.I was full of apologies but luckily the staff saw the funny side of it.

  11. From DaisyMaeBee (Facebook):
    We took my little girl to visit friends that we hadn’t seen for a while. the first thing she said before saying hello was gosh you haven’t got as much hair as you did last time i saw you,and you’ve got a belly like father christmas.we all laughed but you could see our friend was alittle taken back by the comments. We have always taught her to tell the truth so is down to the parents really haahaa

  12. From Mike (Facebook):
    When our second daughter was born, we took her to the Register Office to register her birth, alongside our first daughter, who had just turned 2, and promised her lunch “out” as a treat. Half-way through the (boring) paperwork with the official Registrar, she went to the door, put her hand on the handle, and asked, “Can we go to the pub now?”. We were mortified!

  13. Most frustrating moment – my lovely 13 month old deciding to experiment with water & gravity by dropping my mobile into the toilet. The unflushed toilet. While on holiday, and while I was expecting a call from a prospective employer. The embarrassing part was trying to explain that to the people in the phone shop, in order to try and get it replaced urgently.

  14. i did a party for my daughter,she had friends over.they was all danceing haveing fun i was just watching so i thought id join in and dance,went over to my daughter started to dance and fell back hit the floor and did my back in was in so much pain but all the girls and boys was standing around laughing.when it come to the kids going home some of them told there mums and i was the talk of the playground the next day.not 1 of them asked if i was ok think they could see i was embarrased.

  15. I think our rather worst moment (??) was on a flight back from holiday one summer – we had a very very very wriggly toddler who was up and down all flight long. The highlight of the flight was an enormous pooh, with a nappy that had “moved” and the pooh (thanks to summer wear) went everywhere nice. Oh and we were stuck by the window seat…

    Great giveaway


  16. At a posh pram shop in Glasgow, which had a wee stream running through it , my sister in law & I were out buying a new pram for the arrival of my newest addition. My son & Nephew were both two at the time and for once were being quiet and very well behaved, watching the fishes in the stream. It was that awful moment when you realise they have stopped giggling and gone quiet…. We turned round to see them both , pants down peeing into the stream. I had to send my husband in 2 days later to buy my new pram and all these years on I’m still to embarrased to go back.

  17. I made my daughter sleep rough in London because I was scared, lol.
    I thought I was being a great parent and took my daughter to London to see Bon Jovi as we were both huge fans. We flew down that morning and were due to fly up on the last flight a few hours after the concert. Emergency lights came on on the way down and I was terrified, we landed safely and went on the the Bon Jovi concert.
    After the concert I just couldn’t get on a plane again, I was petrified and took my daughter to Victoria bus station to get the last bus home. Needless to say we missed the bus and I made my daughter sleep on the bus station floor all night until we could catch a bus the next day back to Glasgow. I convinced her it was cool getting to sleep rough, lol.
    It got really embarrassing when the teachers and other parents started to hear about the whole thing and that I made my little girl sleep rough in London.

  18. when my son was doing really well in his sports day race, (even though the school policy is everyone is a winner) i got rather enthusiastic sreaming him on to win to beat the others….. i got a few looks of disgust and shock

  19. My son and i used to go to play football and fishing together as a father and son hobby.My son went off football and fishing and became an excellent at skateboarding.I really mist doing a father and son hobby together so i brought a skateboard and practiced some moves i had seen my son do to impress him,everything was going really well and i couldn’t wait until my son came home from school so i could show him my moves.I decided to go and meet him outside school and show him my moves thinking i was super cool.I did a flip when i saw him coming and landed on the floor,splitting my shorts at the bum seam.My son,liam was with four friends who were all laughing apart from him.I decided from there i would leave the expert skateboarding tricks to him.We now both go to the gym together as a hobby and i watch him skateboard.My sons friends have never forgot that and it was 3 years ago.

  20. I am not sure I entered this already, but here it goes. In an nutshell: I explained the facts of my life to my two year old in a sensitive way, only for her to shout: ‘I came from my mama’s bottom.There is a hole there, I came from the hole.’ at the Aldi checkout when we went shopping. I never mentioned the hole bit, she made her own deduction. She has always been very articulate and a good speaker for her age. Story on this blog post, which includes episode when she made my partner blush!

  21. I once fell asleep sitting on a bench waiting for my eldest son to come out of school with his little brother and sister in a double buggy in front of me. Awful I know but take pity on a very sleep-deprived mummy

  22. Potty training – its got to one of the more challenging events for a parent. So, as my house has carpet everywhere, my kind friend suggested that we potty train our girls at the same time at her house with lovely wipe clean wooden floors and a garden. It was all going well – the girls were playing in the garden; I was watching A (my daughter) like a hawk (or so I thought). Enter M (her daughter) into the house from garden. M climbs up onto the dining room chair – which is white. She stands on the white chair to look out into the garden. Opps darling, I say; you’ve got some mud on your feet – let me just wipe that off. I get nearer – OMG – the mud isn’t mud….. its poo. OMG. OMG. M doesn’t have any sign of poo in the obvious place….. so where has it come from?? There are “muddy” footprints leading from the chair outside, straight to A. Nightmare. I have NEVER been so embarrassed in my life.

  23. I was helping my small daughter in a busy public toilet when she suddenly announced, “Mummy, I wish my bottom was as big as yours, then I wouldn’t fall down the toilet.”
    All the women in the queue for the toilet started giggling and I had to do the ‘walk of shame’ from the cubicle to the sink to wash my hands with everyone looking at me and sniggering….

  24. I was using a busy shopping centre toilet with my 3 and 4 year old and I had to bring them in with me as I obviously couldnt leave them unattended. They thought it would be hilarious to make a joke and screamed at the top of their little voice “mummy done a fart” *giggle giggle*…I was that embarrassed I sat in the cublicle for half an hour to make sure that everyone that had heard them had definitely gone.

  25. I was at a speech therapy appointment with my 2 year old daughter. About half way through the private session I realized my daughters shirt had a bunch of dirt streaks that weren’t there when we had arrived. Do my horror I quickly realized that she had done a poo, and then without her speech therapist or me noticing, had done some finger painting on her shirt with the poo. I decided that what her therapist didn’t know was probably better, so I kept my mouth shut for the remainder of the session, and felt awful when, at the end, her therapist gave her a big cuddle not realizing her shirt had poo all over it.

  26. Embarrassing stories about what my kids say?
    How long have you got? Do you have all day?
    Out shopping one day we went to the loo
    A rather large lady was waiting there too
    My 3 year old son called out loud and clear
    Out came the words I did not want to hear
    “Oh mummy why is that lady so fat?”
    But he didn’t stop there, did not leave it at that?
    Of course I tried to ignore what he said
    Pretended he said something else instead
    But no he kept asking again and again
    Will he just be quiet, I wish I knew when
    I could see the fat lady was not happy with me
    I just rushed to get out, as quick as can be
    I should write a book of the times I’ve gone red
    But I’m happy to cherish the memories instead

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