Vote for the most embarassing parenting moment! [closed]

Potty training gone horribly wrong?Your cringeworthy stories have made us laugh, cry and blush, and after catching our breath we’ve finally managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of your most embarassing parenting moments.  One of these mortified parents is going to win a fantastic weekend break worth over £600, and you can help them get there by casting your vote. You have until noon on Monday to cast your votes – the one with the most votes wins, so if you’re on the list make sure you share the poll and tell your friends to get voting too!

No, we haven’t forgotten about all your bonus entries or Follower #2000 – we’re in the midst of the grand tally up and finalising our Bonus Prizes. So watch this space!

Have a read of these embarassing parenting moments, then choose your favourite(s) using our super snazzy poll technology:

On a lovely hot summers day my son decided to do a poo in his nappy whilst standing in a flowerbed opposite a lovely park cafe full of people. I proceed to change his nappy (in a rather more secluded place) only to find the poo had fallen out of the nappy somewhere nearby. My husband and I spent a good while searching for the poo, only to find it in the middle of the aforementioned flowerbed. We attempted to pick it up as discretely as possible, trying our best not to put people off their paninis!

A few years ago my daughter had an ‘accident’ near the start of a day out and as she normally didn’t have accidents I had no spare clothes. Resourcefully, I took her to the nearest public toilet, took off my pants, tied knots at the sides to make them smaller and put them on her. We then carried on with out day out.

The most embarassing thing my son ever did was when he was 2 years old we were in B&Q looking at some taps for our bathroom.My son shouted ‘done mummy’ and when i went over he had done a number two in the display toilets.I was full of apologies but luckily the staff saw the funny side of it.

I wanted to tell you about the time when I was weaning my youngest son and, being a messy sort, he was getting through a lot of bibs. What I didn’t appreciate is exactly how tenacious bib Velcro is, or I didn’t realise until I’d been going about at meetings and the like all day with a bib stuck to the back of my cardi. Not a good look.

My little boy loves his lego…adores it in fact, and he will often happily play when we have visitors. We had our friends round a few weeks ago for dinner, id cooked a lovely meal and after we had all eaten and gone into the lounge my son was playing on the rug with his lego. He had been upset for a few days as he had lost a piece to his Star Wars ship. Anyway, we were all chatting and he loudly announced with a huge grin he had found his lego piece and came running over. We all saw that it was not a brown piece of lego but his toddler sisters poop..!! Mortified, embarrassed and more saddened for my little man who was holding it so happily in his hand.

I came into the house from a grocery shop laden with several bags in one arm and a child in the other. Realising I was too wide to fit through the front door, I let the bags slide off my arm. It wasn’t until I was in the house that I realised it was the child, rather than the shopping, that was sitting on the floor outside looking rather confused and unimpressed. I would have got away with it, but it had been witnessed by our curtain twitching military neighbours.

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If your embarassing parenting story didn’t make it into our shortlist, don’t worry, we’ve got some more fun competitions coming up soon. In fact, we laughed so hard at Ellen’s photo (above) of potty training gone wrong that we think maybe a photo competition might be in order…

Written by Janis P.

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